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Colm Deignan

Colm is an accredited mediator with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland and  a Chartered Accountant. He has spent over thirty years helping clients overcome problems. He was a partner in a large multi-disciplinary practice in both audit and corporate finance.

His experience as a  corporate finance partner is particularly relevant as he has been lead advisor in a very varied number of projects in differing industries including companies involved in the Pharmaceutical, Mining, Manufacturing, Public Relations, Hospitality, International NGO’s and Service industries.

Colm has served on the Disciplinary Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. He is a former board member and Chair of Draiocht – a centre for the Arts in Blanchardstown. Colm has carried out over thirty valuations of trading companies and has advised and represented  parties involved in contractual disputes.

He has helped shareholders devise exit strategies and has satisfactorily mediated in several family businesses to help shareholders divest themselves of their interests in family companies.

Colm has worked with local authorities in relation to settlement of CPO claims by affected parties trading on  National Primary Routes.
He has advised and represented parties in breach of contract disputes many of which went to arbitration. Colm has acted as an arbitrator in a dispute relating to earn-out payments arising from a share sale agreement. He has carried out Expert Witness work in an arbitration between a local authority and a developer and a purchaser.


Colm has a particular expertise in shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, professional indemnity claims and disputes involving sporting bodies. His broad experience has seen him involved in commercial mediation of all types.

Colm is a natural facilitator and is passionate that mediation is the sensible approach to resolving disputes.


Dermot O'Rourke

Dermot O’Rourke is an experienced mediator, specialising in matters that are legally, factually or emotionally complex.  Dermot has a post graduate diploma in mediation and conflict resolution from the National University of Ireland  and  is an accredited mediator with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.  He has also received CEDR mediation training. 

A  solicitor by profession, Dermot established O’Rourke Reid Law Firm in 1981. He was managing partner of O’Rourke Reid for many years, before retiring from practice in 2004.  At that stage O’Rourke Reid had developed into a significant law firm with  a staff of 150 employees based in Ireland and the UK.   

Throughout his years as a solicitor he developed extensive knowledge of litigation and he has been engaged on a wide variety of commercial litigation involving disputes from corporate law to family law to commercial property disputes and industrial relations matters. 

Dermot also has a diploma in Corporate Governance from University College Dublin and has advised companies extensively in this area.  
His primary focus is mediation of complex commercial disputes and he has acted as a mediator in many commercial disputes, including property related matters; landlord and tenant disputes; commercial and corporate disputes; financial disputes; employment disputes; construction disputes and insurance related issues.   

In addition to his vast experience in the commercial world, Dermot has acted as a sports mediator in conflicts in sporting bodies in Ireland and has sat on tribunals involving sporting matters and arbitrated solely in sporting disputes.

Dermot has been characterised as a mediator who has the temperament to deal with both difficult personalities and highly charged emotional disputes and has been successful in bringing resolution to even the most contentious cases. 

He likes to adopt creative approaches to complex problems. A mediator by nature Dermot passionately believes in mediation as a pre-entry move before commencing expensive legal proceedings.





Colm and Dermot are both full time mediators accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland. In forming the Mediation Partnership they bring their vast experience...


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