The Mediation PartnershipThe Mediation PartnershipThe Mediation PartnershipThe Mediation Partnership

Benefits of Mediation

  • Significantly Reduced Costs

  • Significantly Shorter Time Frame

  • Non Adversarial

  • Non Judgemental

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Helps to Preserve Relationships

  • Totally Confidential

  • Mediation is “Without prejudice”

  • Always Leaves Other Options Open

  • Promotes use of Creative Solutions

  • High Settlement Potential

About Us



Colm and Dermot are both full time mediators accredited by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. In forming The Mediation Partnership they bring their vast experience...


About Mediation



Mediation is a highly successful, cost effective and private form of dispute resolution.
Mediation is a facilitative and confidential process in which a mediator assists...


Mediation Services



Mediation by it’s nature is facilitative. The mediator is looking to the parties to identify what can work for them. Disputes arise in many commercial organisations...